New!! Pirate Minis and Ship!

Capn Scot, Dressed in his golden shirt with black shorts and matching skull cap! 5"inches, $5.00
Rambo, Comes in striped shorts, red head tie with red cap and a little gray rifle(not seen). 5" inches $5.00
Miko, Comes in striped shorts, and a shiny blue cap. 5" inches $5.00
Skin/Hair Combos Are Available In:
     Brown with black hair
     Beige with black hair
     Cream with blonde/black/or orange hair

Pirate Ship, comes with movable sails and a black cannon (not shown, but photo coming soon)! $5.00
Byakko Samurai
This fierce samurai's name means white tiger for his swift fighting style! He comes dressed in handsome armor and handy sword! - $20
   Available Suit/Armor Colors: Navy blue/Black, or Red/Black

Catch that Train!

The Snowy Express Train Set  This little guy will definitely make it to the Christmas tree on time if you order one soon! He comes in a train with a cap, cute little overalls and need for speed. Plus when he's outside of the train, the caboose makes a great place to store pencils, candy or whatever precious cargo you have!
Available in all skin colors and comes dressed in two outfit/train colors. (Gray train with blue overalls and gray cap; or blue train with bright blue overalls and blue cap). $12.00
(The Girl version of this set is coming soon so stay tuned!)

NEW! Robots


Baby Bot & Robot, The first addition to the new dudes & creatures section are my little robots! Little robots fresh out of the Marie*z Crochet Factory and ready to use their claws and soft buttons!
Available as keychains or just playsize! $5.00 ea. (available in Black, Red, Gray or Green)